Published Work


Idiot Thoughts,” A Thin Slice of Anxiety

My Neighbor Likes to Kill Himself with Guns,” JAKE

Rocks,” Roi Fainéant

Dave,” Twin Pies Literary

Bricks,” Identity Theory

Paper, Plastic, and Glue,” JAKE

A Husk,” A Thin Slice of Anxiety (piece originally published in Door is a Jar)

Dime Mouth,” Roi Fainéant

What an Answer’s Worth,” Idle Ink

2022 and Prior

The Leaf That Talked,” BOMBFIRE

Apart,” A Thin Slice of Anxiety

How to Write a Perfect Short Story,” Defenestration

Forgeries of the Self,” Maudlin House

Moving Paper,” Idle Ink

John Brooks’ Reclusion Revealed? An Interview with Josh Waterman,” Sublunary Review

There’s a Mouse in My Room,” Bear Creek Gazette (as Bear Creek only keeps their two most recent issues online, it is no longer available there, and so I have reproduced it on this very website)

Why I Use Self-Checkout,” JAKE

A Husk,” Door is a Jar (spring 2022 issue, for purchase only)

How to Replace Your Finger with a Worm,” Funny-ish

The Only Sure-fire Way to Get Someone’s Attention,” Two Fifty One

Navigating Goodbye,” Porridge Magazine

Poem #0,” Versification

Night in the Daytime,” Sublunary Review

A Letter,” Streetcake Magazine (this piece has also been subsequently published to this very website, here)